Wow! Curio 3.0 is a huge hit!

We've had an incredibly busy week here at Zengobi HQ. I'm happy to report that Curio 3.0 appears to be a huge hit!

Many of you have been very kind in writing to tell us how much you enjoy using Curio and how it has been invaluable to your creative projects. The response has been overwhelmingly positive!

We just released version 3.0.1, which contains fixes for the few minor problems that arose over the week. For more details, check out the release notes. Click here to download Curio version 3.0.1.

As always, we love hearing from everyone, so please feel free to post your comments here on our blog or send your feedback to us via email by choosing "Provide Feedback" from Curio's main menu.

Announcing Curio 3.0

With great fanfare we are proud to announce the release of Curio 3.0!

Our marketing blurb says it best: "Curio 3.0 features a new Project Center for one-click access to your categorized projects; an advanced Search Bar for fast, easy-to-use searching on text, tags, ratings, flags, asset types, and dates; support for searching asset contents; and an interactive full-screen presentation mode."

Plus tons and tons more!

Basically it's a big release with lots of yummy features. More details can be found on the Curio home page:

For those that love the nitty-gritty I invite you to check out the very detailed release notes:

As you try it out, we welcome any and all feedback!


Greetings everyone! Welcome to the Zengobi blog and our first blog entry!

In this blog we will discuss our company, our products, and our thoughts on Apple and their amazing Macintosh computers. As well as the weather, movies, recent conversations with Peanut, and, of course, the occasional family photo.

And, don't be surprised to find an occasional poll in here as well. We are excited about using this blog to get feedback on features and product directions.

Peanut says woof!

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