Let's talk about the weather

We are having some beautiful weather here recently! Incredibly nice days at the parks in the area with Peanut, Kat (my 2-year old daughter), and Christine (my wife). I'll be off the computer and enjoying the weather this afternoon as I add a bunch of veggies to our garden.

Last week I purchased a new camcorder for the upcoming arrival of our son, Cooper, who's expected sometime within the next three weeks. So, even though we don't have an HDTV yet, I had to get this cool little puppy:It's a Sony HDR-HC3 high definition camcorder. It's soooo light and small compared to the older Digital-8 camera I purchased when Kat was born. I've been taking it everywhere on our adventures over the weekend. Now I have an excuse to get an HDTV. :-) Oh, in case anyone wonders, I purchased it through the fine folks at B&H Photo.

And, lastly, a music recommendation. Pinback's Summer in Abaddon is fantastic. If you're into alt/indie/college music then I wholeheartedly recommend it. C and I have been listening it to nonstop in our cars. OTOH, Kat really recommends Laurie Berkner's Buzz Buzz which we've all been listening to about a zillion times recently.

Special 2 for 1 sales promotion

Starting today, we're running a special 2 for 1 promotion for all volume purchases of Curio Professional and K-12 editions.

Just purchase a 5-user license or greater, and you'll automatically receive a license for double the number of users you purchased. For example, if you purchase a 10-user license, we'll send you a 20-user license.

This is a great opportunity for you to share Curio with your colleagues or equip your school with the best project-based brainstorming tool available on the Mac. But, you'd better hurry, because the offer expires on May 31, 2006.

Also, today, we released a minor update to Curio. Version 3.1.1 has several little bug fixes and we recommend that all 3.0 users download it. You can read about what's been fixed by clicking here.

New and updated case studies!

Just wanted to let the gobies out there know that we have a couple of new case studies and an updated case study for everyone to check out:

Craig Wall, a multimedia designer and founder of Access2 Interactive, talks about how he uses Curio in his design work.

Professor Eric Heller discusses how he uses Curio to prepare and present his physics lessons at Harvard University.

We have also updated the Art Institute of Tampa case study. What started as an extended quarter-long trial of Curio, ended up as a volume purchase of Curio for their freshman lab after just one month! Design students are learning the ropes of good design planning and organization thanks to Curio!

We have more case studies on the way.... stay tuned!

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