Summer Gambler's Sale

Okay everyone, here's the moment you've been waiting for....

Introducing the Zengobi Summer Gambler's Sale!

For the next three weeks we are discounting Curio Professional Edition licenses and upgrades!

We've set aside a secret number of Curio Professional licenses we are willing to sell at a discount. Each week, we'll drop the price by a certain amount. However, this sale will end either when the three weeks are up, or the secret number of licenses are sold, whichever comes first.

This could be on Day 5 or Day 15 or right at the end of the three weeks. That's the gamble: wait too long for a bigger discount and the sale could end.

Starting today, all Curio Pro licenses and upgrades sold through our Kagi store are 25% off. Then, starting next Wednesday, that will go to 35% off. Then 50% off starting the next Wednesday.

This is an amazingly inexpensive way to become a new Curio Pro user, or upgrade from Curio Home or Basic, or upgrade from Curio 2. Or even purchase licenses for your entire office since volume licenses are also discounted!

And, if you are one of the lucky thousands that received Curio Basic for free during our earlier promotion, you can purchase a Curio Basic-to-Curio Pro upgrade at an incredibly low price!

Click here to read more about this fantastic offer. This sale could end at any time, so act quickly!


PS: Clever idea, huh? Well, we really can't take credit for it. We first heard about this type of sale from Delicious Monster. But we think it's a wonderful way to spread the word about Curio!

What a promotion!

Wow! We were overwhelmed by the response we recieved for this promotion!

Literally seconds after TUAW announced the Free Curio Basic promotion, our servers were slammed. Thousands of downloads. Thousands of requests for free licenses.

Our WebIntellects SMTP server kept spiking. And our Mail and FileMaker scripts were running smoke out the back of the Mac.

But, after a few hours to catch up with the orders, we managed to breathe a sigh of relief and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. :-)

We certainly hope you winners enjoy your free licenses. As we hinted at in the license key emails that were sent out, we do have some additional promotions on the way. So please stay tuned!

Get Curio Basic for free!

It's HOT out there! Too hot. With temperatures oozing over 100 degrees F, we decided to do something cool for the Mac community. For the next week, we're offering a free license key for Curio Basic Edition to anyone who requests one. That's a $39 value.

So act fast and get your free license key now before the offer expires on August 7th, 2006.

If this heat continues, who knows what we'll do next?!

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