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Sometimes when I'm off surfing the net, I come across a snippet of information, an image, or even a web address that I'd like to remember for later when I'm working on a particular project. It feels like a lot of trouble, and a big interruption in my workflow, for me to launch Curio, open the related project, find or create the perfect idea space for it, then drag and drop that snippet into the idea space. Wouldn't it be cool if I could just hit a hot-key and have Curio automatically store that snippet of information away for me? I think so, too!

Curio 4 comes with a new feature we call Snippets! It's a combination of a system service, PDF service, and a new asset repository that is easily accessible from within any Curio project. The service is available from any application via the Services menu and also a special hot-key (Shift-Command-X, assuming that doesn't conflict with a hot-key for the active application). You can also use the new PDF service to print from any application directly to a PDF stored in Curio's Snippets repository.

Later, when you're back in Curio working on a project, you can switch over to the Snippets shelf view and drag and drop the snippets intended for that project into any idea space or even directly into the Library for that project. We think you're going to love it!

Snippets, coming soon!

Say that again?

I just wanted to reiterate what George said below. Prices are most likely going up when Curio 4 hits the streets. If you buy a new license or even an upgrade license key between now and Curio 4's release, you will automatically receive a free upgrade.

So if you have Curio 3 Home and are thinking about upgrading to Curio Pro, now would be a good time to do that.

Or if you're impressed enough by Curio 3, but have been waiting for Curio 4's release before you buy, wait no more. We're really trying to give you the best deal possible. Buy now and save yourself some cash.

Curio 4 is on the way!

Today we're officially announcing the pending availability of Curio 4!

Curio 4 is packed with amazing features including:
  • Updated Customizable Interface with Integrated Shelf
  • Mind Mapping
  • Snippets
  • Figures as Tasks: Resources, Start/Due Dates, Priorities, Durations, and Completion Percentages
  • Search Shelf
  • Flashlight - a better Spotlight integrated within Curio
  • Global Tag Sets
  • OPML and Better OmniOutliner Support
  • Copy / Paste messages from Mail
  • Improved Sticky Lines with Connection Point Support
  • Copy Style / Paste Style
  • Presentation Mode Transitions
  • Customizable Inspector Color Tables
  • Improved Brush Tools
  • Improved List Rendering
Plus tons more. Tons and tons more. It's ├╝ber-packed with features.

The release is still a few weeks away but we wanted to make this announcement early and let everyone know that any Curio 3 Pro, Home, or K-12 purchases or upgrades made since May 1, 2007 will automatically receive a complimentary upgrade to Curio 4.

So, if you were thinking about buying Curio 3 Pro, Home, or K-12, then go ahead! You'll get Curio 4 for free when it comes out.

We haven't finalized pricing but we are anticipating a small price increase on new purchases and upgrades when Curio 4 is released.

We will be dropping the Curio Basic edition of the product. Current owners of Curio Basic will be able to upgrade to Curio 4 Home or Pro.

We're extremely excited about this release, so look forward to more details in upcoming blog postings!

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