Curio 3 and Leopard

Curio 3 supports Panther PowerPC and Tiger PowerPC/Intel. Supporting all of those combinations was surprisingly tricky thanks to some libraries that we're using. But, sadly, this same technique doesn't work under Leopard since a different library set is included there.

With Curio 4, released at the end of June, we were able to do a straightforward link to those libraries, without any hacks, which allows us to work on both Tiger and Leopard.

While we can't make Curio 3 support Panther, Tiger, and Leopard, we do listen to and respect our customers. You want Curio 3 on Leopard? You got it!

We have a preliminary build of Curio 3.2.3 in-house that should make it Tiger and Leopard compatible. Users still on Panther will have to stick with 3.2.2. There were no other changes made to the code other than those related to Leopard compatibility.

We need some time to do all of our testing but we expect to release Curio 3.2.3 as quickly as possible after Leopard's release. Stay tuned to this blog for details...

Getting excited about Leopard!

Okay. I have to admit I've felt a bit underwhelmed about Leopard the past few months.

But, after watching the guided tour and reading the huge list of 300 features I now feel that, while Leopard doesn't have any big feature I'm really jonesing (well, perhaps Time Machine), I am super-thrilled with a ton of the little features.

Things like Back to My Mac, stacks, smarter DVD player, iChat screen sharing, much improved iCal, Mail's forward multiple messages as attachment, Photo Booth burst mode & backdrops, all the new security features, Spotlight searching across multiple Macs, iLife media browser in all Open panels, scrolling non-active windows, system-wide grammar checker, tabbed Terminal, all the Xcode 3 features, plus....

Heck, I think I'm excited about most of these 300 "little" features! Is it Friday yet? :-)

Curio Sighting: MacApper

Just to prove how in sync George and I are as a team, this morning, in the comfort of our own homes, we both happened to spot MacApper's excellent write-up of Curio, and we both felt the need to comment on the academic pricing of Curio at roughly the same time. So, we apologize to MacApper for the double post, but we love the rave review!

Curio Sighting: Inside Mac Radio

The fine folks at Inside Mac Radio interviewed Zengobi recently for their live radio broadcast. To learn more about Curio and Zengobi, we invite you to listen to the September 15th podcast. Our interview starts at around 55:00 and lasts about 12 minutes. Check it out!

Curio Sightings

I've found a couple interesting links to share with you:

First, there's this blog posting by Melodie Neal. In it, she talks about her first six months with an application named EagleFiler and our beloved Curio, which is changing the way she works. The verdict on Curio? "I love it, and I would buy it again."

Next, our fearless leader, George, recently participated in an interview with Oliver Nielsen of macstart. The podcast is now available on their site. When you have 30 minutes to spare, have a listen!

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