Tutorini: Task Lists

I'm on a roll.... I've just posted another new tutorini which shows off a hierarchical list of tasks with assigned start & due dates, completion percentages, and resources. It shows how dates can automatically bubble up from child figures to parents and how the Status shelf can be used to keep you on schedule.

It's about 9 minutes long but it's a pretty good overview of what you can with tasks in Curio.


Tutorini: Mind Mapping

I just put up a new video tutorini on the main Curio page which explains how to do mind mapping, how figure and level styles work, and includes a bit of Sleuth searching. All wrapped up in a nice 4:28 video. Enjoy!

We also recently released a quick 5.4.1 update with some fixes and a handful of little features, including Quick Look support in the Spotlight and Scrapbook shelf modules simply by pressing spacebar. Very handy!

And, since Evernote recently announced that Evernote Premium members could store any type of document within a note, Curio's new Evernote shelf in 5.4.1 now supports any type of format as well. We even auto-unzip package files, such as Keynote or Curio documents, which were automatically zipped when they were uploaded to Evernote. Plus, we added much better support for notes that contain a mix of text and one or more file attachments.

Have fun!

Curio 5.4, Evernote, and Macworld special!

We just released Curio 5.4 with an extra spiffy feature: integrated Evernote support!

With the new Evernote shelf built into Curio 5.4 you can now easily search for notes stored on Evernote's service in your account. Searching can include text, tag, kind, and modification date. Then drag-and-drop the results directly to your idea space.

Any found images dragged into an idea space will retain their "optical character recognition" data so searching within Curio using the Search shelf will also find those same images.

And Curio will automatically map your Evernote notebooks and tags with Curio global tag set tags. That way any Evernote items dragged into Curio will be automatically associated with their corresponding Curio tags.

The combination of Curio's Evernote shelf and Evernote's free iPhone app and service means that on-the-go brainstorming and idea collection is now easier than ever.

In addition, Curio 5.4 includes several iCal sync improvements to make syncing more reliable. Plus tweaks to Sleuth, mind map drawing performance, and tons of other little fixes and tweaks. Read the complete release notes for all the details.

To celebrate the Curio 5.4 release during this week's MacWorld Expo, Zengobi is offering a 20% discount for any Curio purchases made this week from our online store. Just use the coupon code MACWORLD2009 when making your purchase.

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