NYT: "Zengobi Curio Does Everything"

A review of Curio made it to the main technology page of the New York Times website. It's a newsfeed inclusion from an article on TheAppleBlog by Nick Santilli.

Needless to say, I was thrilled, honored, and rendered speechless when my eyes passed over the words "Zengobi Curio" while scanning the NYTimes this morning. A nice way to wake up that's for sure. :-)

Yippee for Curio!

Curio around the world

A French video review and now a review in the Czech language by Lukáš Gregor.

Curio is certainly making its way around the world!

Video overview of Curio

JenM4e has just posted a fantastic 30-minute video overview of Curio 5 for Débuter sur Mac. Note that it's all in French so this is a great chance to practice your French language skills.

She hits on all the major features in Curio and even most of the minor ones.

Thanks, JenM4e!

The walk

Yesterday, thanks to very cool final release of Safari 4, I had to do what I call "the update walk". Let me explain.

I generally first hear about a new software update from Apple via one of the RSS feeds I follow. And, because I'm eager to grab the latest and greatest, I launch Software Update on my main Mac to grab the update.

While that's scanning my system to determine what updates I need, I walk to my secondary Mac and launch Software Update. And then I immediately walk over the laptop and do the same there.

Then I go back to the first, click Install Updates and type my admin password. It starts to download and install the updates.

While that's working, I do the same at the second Mac and then the laptop.

By the time I'm done with the laptop, I'm back to the first Mac where I almost always have to click "Restart" to restart the Mac. Ditto the two other machines.

Then I log into the main machine. While it logs in and starts up my plethora of apps, I log into the other two machines.

And, yes, then I'm finally done and I can sit down at my main Mac and continue working on Curio, with a warm contented feeling that all my Macs have the latest and greatest from Apple.

Oh sure, I could just wait until all the Macs have downloaded the updates all on their own in the background sometime during the next 24 hours or so. But then my Macs are out of sync and I have a "Install" and then a "Restart" button staring at my face when I run to grab the laptop or go use the second machine.


All whining aside, I'm of course thrilled with all of the updates! And, in general, the walk is not a problem whatsoever.

It's just when I do this walk for a new iTunes, then QuickTime, then Airport Utility, then Digital Camera RAW converters, then iPhoto, then iLife, and then Safari — all since June 1st — I get a bit exhausted trying to stay hip and up-to-date. :-)

Wacom driver update

Some of our customers have had some jagged drawing experiences with Curio's pens and brushes and Wacom's Bamboo and Graphire tablets. I just found out that Wacom recently released a Driver 5.1.1-1 for OS X 10.4 & 10.5 that incorporates some fixes which already existed in their Intuos professional tablet drivers.

With the Bamboo tablet I just received this past weekend, scribbling seems to be nice and smooth — at least as smooth as the Intuos 2 I've had — so you may want to check it out.

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