Just wanted to drop a quick note thanking everyone for the wonderful comments and feedback we've received since Curio 6's launch.

And, to return the favor, thanks back to all of you for putting up with the server snafus and other launch hiccups. I believe things are smooth now but let me know if anyone out there has problems.

As everyone in the forums knows, Curio 6.1 will have native index card support (hugely popular request in the forums!) so stay tuned for more news soon.

Server fun

We're having some rare issues with our hosting servers today. So, in the meantime, this blog is probably the best way to reach out to everyone.

Our hosting server at WebIntellects has been down twice so far today either entirely or at least when trying to send or receive email.

We're trying to get everything going as quickly as possible and I do appreciate everyone's patience.

Update: I just received word that they are relocating our website to another physical server which will hopefully resolve these issues. This should be done within a couple of hours (by 2pm Easter Daylight Savings Time, or 18:00 GMT).

Curio 6!

As you probably noticed from our home page or the main Curio page, Curio 6 has been released!

Curio 6 has tons and tons of new features — including native figure tables, figure stencils (Pro only), custom flag icons, branch coloring — plus, oodles of enhancements to existing features to make using Curio more natural and fun.

In addition to reading all the juicy details in the release notes you may also want to check out the new videos near the bottom of the main Curio page which show many of the new features in action.

We, of course, offer discounted upgrade pricing for all current customers of Curio 5 or earlier. Check out our online store or academic store for more details.

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