Curio 7 overview video

I posted a new Curio 7 overview video on our main Curio webpage over the weekend. (Finally!)

There's an embedded YouTube version which actually looks pretty darn good especially if played in 720p mode.

However, you can also click to download a very high quality 1280x720 or an even better completely unscaled 1920x1080 version if you want to get around YouTube's compression and scaling artifacts.

The 10 minute long video shows off the new Curio 7 interface including Project Center; Organizer; Sections; Shelf modules including Status and Evernote; creating new idea space, list, table, and index cards using their respective galleries; and using Sleuth to search for images.

Enjoy and please send me any comments or suggestions for future videos.

The social network

You may have recently noticed new Facebook and Twitter icons on our webpages. That's right: Zengobi's getting a bit more social! :-)
We appreciate all your support!

Making users happy

A great article by Wesabe founder Marc Hedlund regarding their competition with Mint. Here's the nugget of gold near the end:
Focus on what really matters: making users happy with your product as quickly as you can, and helping them as much as you can after that.
That first part, in a nutshell, that was the #1 goal of Curio 7. Giving customers a blank freeform sheet was not enough. Giving them something where they can quickly and easily create something amazing (using our bundled galleries of styles, stencils, and templates) makes a world of difference.

We have more to do with regards to both objectives but, believe me, they are our highest priority.

Once again, thanks to all of you for the wonderful emails received here at Zengobi HQ. They make it all worthwhile. :-)

Sighting: Mac Alternatives to OneNote

Fantastic review of Curio by JJ Ambrose who was looking for a OneNote equivalent for the Mac.
While I said earlier that I had one more program to discuss, I’ve become so enamored with Curio that I’m really willing to say that its the definitive OneNote replacement for Mac users.

Curio 7 Feature: Time Support

Here's another tasty feature in Curio 7: Curio's start and due date controls now let you specify a starting or ending time value for your tasks. And you can now specify a task duration in hours or minutes as well. Hooray!

Sure, we could stop there but what about Curio's automatic date rollups? You know, where Curio can automatically determine start and due dates of items in a list or mind map based on children or predecessor dates and durations? Well, we've updated those routines to work beautifully with times and hour and minute values. Change a task's start/due date or duration and Curio instantly flows the changes to all the dependent figures automatically.

And there's more! Curio 7 even adds support for working days and working times! If a 6-hour task was set to begin at Friday at 2:00 PM then it will end at 11:00 AM on Monday since the working times and days will be considered. Brilliant!

By the way, in Curio 7 you can now change date and time values directly through the calendar control. If you want to see the handy popup calendar introduced in previous versions of Curio, simply double-click or Option-click the control to make it appear.

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