Curio 8 review at MacLife

Great review of Curio 8 at MacLife where we received an excellent 4½ out of 5 rating:
If Evernote and Keynote and NovaMind all got together and had a baby (never mind the mechanics, OK?), the offspring might look a little like Zengobi's Curio. A virtual whiteboard with presentation capacities, Curio has the organizational chops of Evernote, mind-mapping capabilities comparable to the best apps, and the ability to run slideshows with transitions, though with a limited palette. Taken together, Curio is one fast-loading, responsive package with fantastic potential and tons of flexibility.

Curio 8 review at Mac.AppStorm

Fantastic review of Curio 8 at Mac.AppStorm with an overall score of 9/10:
Two years ago, when I reviewed Curio 6.4, I described the application as a “workshop for your creative projects.” Today I’m going to take a long look at the just released Curio 8. According to Curio’s developer, George Browning of Zengobi, the new version is “the most ambitious Curio release since its inception ten years ago.” Does Curio 8 live up to this billing? Is it a major improvement? Should you upgrade? I hope to provide those answers for you, as well as giving you an orientation to the new version that will help you better evaluate it for yourself.

Curio 8 overview video

On our Curio website I recently posted a Curio 8 overview video that gives a quick 10-minute tour of Curio and some of its major features.

Next to the video you'll also find an HTML and PDF export of the Getting Started project that comes bundled with Curio. Both exports are great ways to see what you can do using Curio.

Separately, you can also read the complete Curio User Manual if you'd like to check out all the features in detail.

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