Curio 10 updated for macOS Sierra

Curio 10.3.2 has just been released with some major macOS Sierra compatibility fixes:

  • Apple made a significant change in Sierra's low-level text editing system which broke the method Curio has always used to allow the editing of text figures on the idea space and will instantly cause a crash instead. This release now uses a new technique which resolves this issue.
  • This release is compatible with Sierra's new security feature called Gatekeeper Path Randomization. Read the release notes for the nitty-gritty technical details.
  • Changes were made so Curio is now compatible with Sierra's native window tabs.
  • Several important robustness fixes are also in this release.

More details can be found in the release notes.

This is a free update to all Curio 10 customers. Curio should notice the new update automatically or you can choose the Curio > Check for Updates menu item to force a check, or download Curio 10.3.2 directly if you wish.

Curio 10.3

We just released Curio 10.3 with new features, enhancements and fixes:

  • More intuitive automatic styling for figures dropped/pasted into collections
  • New Organizer features: new folder from selection, copy as image, double-click to open docs, auto-refresh.
  • New Evernote features: attribution line, source URL.
  • New Notes window features: keyboard shortcut, background color, inset.
  • New Sleuth features: stay on top, transparency.
  • Support for Curiota 2.5's "source" URLs in images.
  • Latest Sparkle for app updates.
  • Right-click duplicate figure along with a duplicate of its underlying asset.
  • Smarter hyperlink path resolutions for easier project sharing.
  • Loads of robustness, El Capitan, import/export, meta, and pinboard fixes along with several other notable fixes.

This is a free update to all Curio 10 customers. Just do a Check for Updates or wait for Curio to find it automatically.


Curio 10.2

Curio 10.2 is here!

Loads of really great new features and tweaks are in this release:

  • Updated version of the Sparkle framework plus new https support at Zengobi's server means Curio product updates are now super-secure.
  • Curio's Curiota integration has several improvements including custom collection support, "All Collections" scope, plus smarter web link handing and library refreshes.
  • New style handling for geometric shapes. Definitely read the release notes for details.
  • Meta enhancements: new quick date adder buttons, start today vs. now, priority text overrides, mini percent complete tweaks, plus more.
  • Pinboard enhancements so they are a more friendly freeform collection.
  • Handy align and distribute buttons on the Arrange inspector panel.
  • Loads of improvements to movie figure handling.
  • Lots of Sleuth updates.
  • A nifty way to access future preview releases of Curio.
  • A fix for the notorious El Capitan "new untitled project" flakiness.
  • Plus tons of other tweaks, fixes, and improvements.

This is a free update to all Curio 10 customers. Just do a Check for Updates or wait for Curio to find it automatically.


Happy 2016!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is safe, warm, and well.

Last October began Zengobi's 14th year in operation! It's amazing that Curio has been so well received and I truly appreciate everyone's support, feedback, and comments.

I'm currently working on a fantastic huge update to our free Curiota app available at the Mac App Store. Hopefully I'll get that wrapped up very soon.

I've submitted updates to Curio Express and Reader... just waiting for Apple to give them the okay.

Time for another periodic reminder: please keep backups of all important data! A customer wrote just the other day who had a catastrophic hardware issue that resulted in data loss. I personally keep a Time Machine backup (to an OWC external drive), a Carbon Copy Cloner full drive nightly backup (to another OWC external drive), and a BackBlaze off-site backup. The Time Machine backup has come in handy numerous times. I've fortunately never needed either the CCC or BB backup, but I sleep better knowing they're there. All are relatively inexpensive especially compared to potential loss of data.

Back to coding!

Curio 10 and Curiota

Today marks the 10th major release of Curio! This is a huge milestone for an application we started back in late 2002, over 13 years ago! It's amazing how far it's come and what an fantastic personal experience starting Zengobi and creating Curio has been for me.

But, enough about me, let's talk about Curio 10!

Curio 10 adds loads of new brainstorming, note taking, and task tracking features I know you'll enjoy. Check out the What's New section on the main Curio site to learn more about all the new features including a new Stacks collection, interface enhancements, mind map & list sorting, mind map import/export improvements, table enhancements, tag emoji, and much, much more.

One of the big new features is actually a separate product that extends Curio 10's functionality. We've had lots of requests for more ways of getting notes and data into Curio, ideally even if Curio isn't running.

We've solved this with Curiota, our new, free app available at the Mac App Store. It runs all the time, takes up very little memory or CPU, and provides a menu bar icon for you to quickly take notes or drag in files. You can even bring in notes and files via Services, Share, Save PDF, bookmarklet, and AppleScript.

The items you collect with Curiota are stored in an open, easily accessible format that Curio 10 can search through and display using its new Local library shelf for easy integration with your Curio projects.

We have lots of great plans for Curiota with more amazing features coming very soon.

Anyway, check out the new Curio and thanks to all of you for an amazing 13 years. :-)

El Capitan

This morning we released Curio 9.4.8 which fixes all reported OS X El Capitan (10.11) issues including a handful of crashes that occurred for some customers. The release notes go into all the details.

Curio should notice the new update automatically or you can choose the Curio > Check for Updates menu item to force a check, or download Curio 9.4.8 directly if you wish.

On a related note, El Capitan seems to have some low-level issues with its font handling. Please make sure you use Apple's Font Book app to validate your fonts (select a font, Edit > Select All, File > Validate Font) and disable or remove any "serious error" fonts marked with a red X. If you're using a 3rd party font manager then make sure you're on the latest version as they update their products to be compatible with El Capitan.

Back to school sale!

Get ready for school with Curio! For a limited time, purchase a new license to Curio 9 for just US$79.99 or Curio Express for just US$29.99.

Curio is hugely popular with academia -- both professors and students -- for taking class notes, collecting research materials, preparing class lectures, and much, much more.

This sale ends Saturday, August 29th, 2015 so don't miss it!

Curio and El Capitan

The next version of Apple's OS X, El Capitan (aka 10.11), is available for beta download before its official release this fall.

Unlike more recent OS X major releases, this release appears to trend towards fixes, performance, and robustness versus introducing major new features (à la Snow Leopard over Leopard and Mountain Lion over Lion).

We have a few customers running Curio 9 full time with El Capitan and no issues have been reported, nor have we noticed issues here.

However, it should be emphasized that El Capitan is indeed a beta release. You will experience OS  X bugs and crashes. It should not be installed on your primary machine or used with important data. The El Capitan codebase will change many times before its fall release as improvements and fixes are made.

If you decide to install the beta, preferably on a second machine with copies of your Curio project data, please let us know if you experience any issues with Curio.

Curio Express and Curio Reader

I'm thrilled to announce two new apps in the Curio family, available only from the Apple Mac App Store.

As everyone knows, Curio is our premier note taking, mind mapping, brainstorming, and task management application for Mac OS X used by thousands of customers around the world. These customers create incredibly rich notebooks filled with notes, brainstorms, tasks, and much, much more.

However, we realize that not everyone wants to create a notebook of ideas, and they don't want yet another mind mapping, flowcharting, or outlining app. What they want is Curio's intuitive, tightly integrated, freeform idea space for use as the ultimate brainstorming "whiteboard".

Curio Express

So, with that in mind, we proudly introduce Curio Express.

Within a Curio Express document, you have a single, spacious freeform idea space where you can use Curio's incredible features including mind maps, outlines, tables, index cards, image collages, tasks, video recording, Sleuth, and so much more. This gives you an environment which is richer, more integrated, and much more powerful than a simple, single-purpose app.

Curio Express can also open, in a read-only mode, project notebooks containing multiple idea spaces created using the flagship Curio product. You can even use the built-in presentation mode to view notebooks as a slideshow.

In short, if you want an amazing, world-class brainstorming environment, choose Curio Express. If you want to super-size that functionality and create notebooks filled with brainstorms, research, and notes then choose Curio.

Learn more about Curio Express and check out our technical document regarding certain App Store-related limitations imposed on sandboxed versions of Curio.

Curio Express can be purchased at a limited-time launch price of just US$39.99 only from the Apple Mac App Store. Please note that Curio Express requires OS X Yosemite.

Curio Reader

Next, we realized that Curio customers were creating project notebooks that they wanted to share with colleagues who perhaps didn't already own Curio. Thus, they were limited to sharing HTML, PDF, or image exports of their notebooks where the results were not as rich or as interactive as within the Curio environment.

We're solving that with Curio Reader, a free app available for download only from the Apple Mac App Store. Curio Reader requires OS X Yosemite.

With Curio Reader, colleagues and friends that don't own the full Curio product can view existing Curio projects. Curio Reader offers a simplified, read-only environment, where users can browse projects with full support for searching, printing, mailing, exporting, and presenting as a slideshow.

Learn more about Curio Reader and check out our technical document regarding certain App Store-related limitations imposed on sandboxed versions of Curio.

Spring update

Greetings everyone!

Hopefully all customers on Curio 9 have grabbed the very latest -- 9.4.7 -- which was released a few days ago. Just a few little tweaks to the larger 9.4.6 release but I strive for perfection. ;-) Choose the Curio > Check for Updates or wait for Curio to check automatically.

I've been working with the fine folks at Apple to get some goodies into the Mac App Store. "Under Review" and my fingers are crossed so we'll see how it goes. Many more details later as this progresses.

Of course, I'm primarily working on Curio 10. Yes, 10! It's still a very long way out... think much cooler temperatures, but now's the time to send me your big requests.

Happy holidays sale!

It's our last big sale for a long time so act now if you'd like to save some bucks during this holiday season. All Curio 9 new and upgrade licenses are 30% off! Perfect for that new Mac you're receiving or gifting for the holidays. This sale ends Sunday, December 28th, 2014 so don't miss it!

Stay warm inside and I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

Charity results

When we launched Curio 9 back in June I decided to try an experiment and get some feedback from our customers regarding charities they like.

From the launch through the end of November, when you purchased a Curio 9 new or upgrade license you could select up to 10 charities that you think are deserving of a charitable donation from Zengobi. Your selections would act as a guide in our eventual distribution.

Of those purchasers that selected at least one charity, here are the results. As a note, to keep it fair each purchase is casting a single vote divided between that purchaser's chosen charities.

The leading charity by far is Doctors Without Borders (aka Médecins Sans Frontières) with about 33% of the total. Then the following are the remaining charities in decreasing popularity: Cancer Research Institute (~15%), Save The Children (~13%), American Red Cross (~8%), Environmental Defense Fund (~8%), Sierra Club Foundation (~6%), Animal Welfare Institute (~6%), Pet Smart Charities (~4%), Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (~4%), and Conservation International (~3%).

I sincerely appreciate your suggestions. I've long been a huge admirer of Doctors Without Borders and hoped they would be near the top, especially due to their heroic effort in leading the fight against the ebola outbreak. I'll cut some checks before the end of the year. Thank you for your feedback!

Huge Holiday / Black Friday Sale!

For a limited time, Curio 9 new and upgrades license are 30% off! This means a new license is just $69.99 USD and upgrades are only $34.99 USD. This sale ends Saturday, November 29th, 2014 so don’t miss it!

Curio 9.4 and a new app icon!

Curio 9.4 is here with a bunch of features, tweaks, and fixes (including a Yosemite fix!). Check out the release notes for all the details.

We've also updated Curio's application icon in this release to match Yosemite's new styling guidelines. Interact with the nifty before/after in the release notes and read the design notes.

Curio, Yosemite, and OS X updates

Apple has released the first Yosemite GM (golden master) candidate which means it's official final release is coming in the next few weeks.

Curio 9, of course, works wonderfully on the Yosemite GM as we've kept it up-to-date throughout the Yosemite Beta period with frequent tweaks and fixes. Curio 9 requires either Mavericks or Yosemite at a minimum and has an updated interface which looks absolutely fantastic with Yosemite's new design.

For those still on Curio 8, this morning we released Curio 8.6.4 which brings a bunch of Yosemite compatibility fixes to those customers as well. Make sure you update your Curio 8 before upgrading to Yosemite as the older Curio 8 releases won't launch correctly under Yosemite. The update check should happen automatically but you can use the Curio > Check for Updates menu to force a check. If you've already upgraded to Yosemite you can download and install the latest release of Curio 8 manually.

On a related note, the other day I was checking out The Omni Group's very handy Update Statistics chart. If you haven't done so visit the site and click on the Major Version link under the Overall heading.

A shocking 80% of their overall install base is already on Mavericks, almost exactly one year after Mavericks was released to the public. Not that long ago, it would have taken several years before even 50% of an install base was on the latest OS X release, so this is incredibly interesting news.

Obviously this is in large part thanks to Apple making these OS X releases free. But it also shows that customers are more willing to keep up with OS X releases, much as they are in keeping up with iOS releases.

This is wonderful news for us devs, as it means we can take advantage of newer OS features more quickly in our own products. Although it also means more work for us trying to keep up with Apple. ;-)

These are very exciting times!

More cool additions in Curio 9.3

I'm on a roll... I've just released Curio 9.3 with even more requested features, tweaks, and fixes!

All the details are here:

Keep sending in the feedback!

Curio 9.2

I just rolled out Curio 9.2 which has oodles of nifty features, tweaks, and fixes.

Read all the details here:


Back to School sale!

Summer vacation is over and it's time to head back to class!

Students and faculty can save big on new licenses to Curio 9 during our Back to School sale. Simply use the BACKTOSCHOOL coupon code during checkout from our online store to save 20% off the new purchase price.

Curio is very popular in academia where students and instructors use Curio to take notes, collect research, store lab results, annotate PDFs, and present lectures. Click to learn more about Curio.

This offer is valid for single, new license purchases only and will expire on Saturday, September 6th, 2014, so act soon!

Yosemite update

Apple has done an astounding job on these Yosemite betas! Several core issues which prevented older versions of Curio from running correctly have been fixed by Apple on subsequent beta releases.

That said, the current Curio 8.6.3 build does not run correctly on the latest Yosemite beta release. While we don't normally backtrack to patch older Curio releases, we have investigated the few remaining issues and and are preparing an 8.6.4 release which specifically patches these issues. Note that only the core issues preventing Curio 8 from running have been addressed; no other new features or functionality will be in 8.6.4.

For maximum compatibility we encourage customers to upgrade to Curio 9, as it has been thoroughly updated to support Yosemite by dropping deprecated calls and has an updated user interface which looks fantastic in the new environment.

Charity update

After one month of Curio 9 sales I thought I'd provide a quick update on how the charity selections have been going.

As you may recall, when you make a Curio 9 new or upgrade purchase you can select up to 10 charities that you think are deserving of a contribution from Zengobi. We're simply using your selections as a guide in our eventual distribution -- mainly because we're curious as to what you consider important in this grand world of ours. :-)

Only about 50% of all the purchases have a charity selected. This is somewhat surprising but perhaps those individuals dislike the charity choices or don't care to share their opinions, which is fine of course.

Of those that do select at least one charity, here are the results. As a note, to keep it fair each purchase is casting a single vote divided between that purchaser's chosen charities.

The leading charity by far is Doctors Without Borders with about 30% of the total. Then the following are the remaining charities in decreasing popularity: Cancer Research Institute, Save The Children, Environmental Defense Fund, American Red Cross, Animal Welfare Institute, Sierra Club Foundation, Pet Smart Charities, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Conservation International.

So far this has been wonderfully insightful so I do appreciate the feedback.


It sounds like the OS X Yosemite beta is getting released to the general public tomorrow. The final release is still on for fall sometime, but no specific date has been announced (although an October date is rumored).

Technically this is the 4th beta of Yosemite, the earlier beta releases going to developers only, but the public will be able to grab the latest beta on Thursday.

Macworld has a fantastic FAQ regarding the public Yosemite beta release that everyone should read if you're interested in obtaining this preview.

The key point in the FAQ is...wait for it... this is a beta of an OS. Ideally you should try this on a secondary machine and not your the main Mac. As Macworld states it:
More important, we strongly recommend against installing the Yosemite beta on your primary Mac. Ideally, you’ll want a separate Mac you can dedicate to running the beta, so that if you have any serious problems, you won’t be stuck without a working Mac—and you can erase the test Mac’s drive and start over if things go completely south.
You will encounter bugs and problems in the OS, Apple's apps, and other apps. The whole point of a beta period is to find and fix problems before the general release so don't be surprised if you find some snafus.

I've also personally noticed that not only does OS X get more stable but it gets faster as beta updates continue towards the general release. So don't be surprised if the Yosemite beta is a bit slower than what you expected.

Curio and Yosemite
As detailed in this forum post, I've been getting Curio 9 going with Yosemite since the initial beta release in the spring and it's looking very good.

Earlier versions of Curio prior to version 9 are not supported on the Yosemite betas. For example, while Curio 8 runs on Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), and Mavericks (10.9), it does not run on the latest Yosemite beta.

Curio 9's codebase has been completely updated to work with both Mavericks and Yosemite. In fact it requires Mavericks at a minimum and the code has been cleaned up and modernized considerably. On top of all of those updates, getting Curio 9 going with Yosemite required a number of additional code modifications, and this is an ongoing process as each beta release seems to require more code tweaks within Curio 9. Yosemite is definitely a major OS X release.

Beyond the internal changes, the Curio 9 user interface has also been updated to look more natural especially within Yosemite's new environment.

Please see the Curio 9 release notes for all the details, including many, many screenshots.

While working with Curio 9 and the Yosemite public beta, please send feedback and comments to Zengobi either via the forum thread or our support email.

Curio 9.1

A bunch of cool features and tweaks are in today's Curio 9.1 release:

  • MindNode import/export support.
  • Very cool connected figures enhancements (see video below).
  • Much nicer looking mind maps with underlines (you have to see the before and after).
  • New Sleuth sites: Google Scholar, Pixabay, Stockvault, Wikimedia Commons Images.
  • Added Show Checkmark to the text figure context menu.
  • Plus lots of bug fixes and minor tweaks...

Check out the detailed release notes for more information.


Curio 9 promo with Adobe Voice

I've been playing around with Adobe Voice for the past couple of days. What an amazing iPad app!

Here's a quick video I put together as a promo for Curio, it was very easy to do and the results look fantastic:

New features discussion

I've recently started a New Features topic in the forums where we can discuss some of the new features added to Curio in detail.

I'm marching down the list of the latest features added to Curio 9 and have covered pinboards, albums, preview captions, and text figure file attachments. I'll keep adding more over the next few days.

I thought this would be an improvement over static references such as the bundled Getting Started project or Curio User Manual as you can ask questions, make comments, discuss how you use a particular feature, and perhaps brainstorm ways it can be improved or refined.

Feel free to join in!

New website, too!

In addition to our brand new Curio 9 release you'll also notice we have a brand new website!

It has been completely rewritten to be "responsive", meaning that it adapts itself to the viewer's screen on-the-fly. Therefore looking natural when viewing on a large desktop or laptop screen, a smaller tablet screen, or an even smaller phone screen. Mobile users no longer have to pinch and zoom around to view the website. Ironically the styles and html behind this change actually made the website more manageable, so everyone wins. :-)

In addition, the main Curio page now includes several slideshows demonstrating what you can do with Curio separated into five key use cases: note-taking, brainstorming, flowcharting & sketching, task tracking, and PDF annotation. These groupings accurately reflect how we position Curio in the market and how our customers actually use the product. In essence, it demonstrates that Curio is much more than just a note-taking product or a mind mapping product. It's this integrated collection of functionality in a clean, intuitive interface that makes Curio so powerful and unique.

As noted earlier, we have also rolled out a brand new Zengobi Forums powered by Discourse. Many of the brilliant programmers behind StackExchange are behind Discourse and this is reflected in its features and usability, including mobile platform compatibility. This should make it much easier for everyone to participate in discussions regarding existing and requested features and improvements. I'd also love to see more topics where customers discuss how they use Curio in their day-to-day activities.

Feel free to tweet or send us an email if you have any comments or feedback regarding the new website. Enjoy!

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