Introducing Curio 13

We're thrilled to announce that Curio 13 is here!

By far the most requested feature in this release is support for macOS Mojave's Dark Mode! This required scores of changes, new graphics, and a massive number of tweaks throughout the interface. The results look fantastic!

Other big features include figure layers for more flexible layouts and arrangements; cross references between figures, idea spaces, and web locations with custom types like Agree and Evidence for more organized research; an integrated equation editor; focus mode for better concentration; additional markdown support; new album arrangements; new meta properties; major performance enhancements; plus dozens of other features and improvements.

* Note that some features are only available in certain editions of Curio. See the site for more information.

Here’s a quick video covering a bunch of the new features:

Our What's New section on the website provides a great overview of the new features or you can jump into our extraordinarily detailed release notes to learn about all the changes.

This is definitely a packed release with new productivity tools, feature enhancements, and major code updates to make Curio more robust, optimized, and ready for the future.

Note that Curio 13 requires macOS High Sierra or Mojave.

For existing customers, discounted upgrades are available to Curio 13 Professional, Standard, or Core.

We're thrilled to finally bring Curio 13 to everyone! Enjoy!

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