FAQ: How does line snapping work?

Curio's "sticky" lines feature allows you to connect two different figures with a line that stretches, shrinks, and repositions itself as you independently move the figures around the idea space. The sticky line feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it in Curio's idea space preferences.

To draw a line that sticks to a figure, simply select the Line tool from the toolbar, then click on a figure and drag the line to another figure. If you want to point to a specific point within a figure, you can hold the Command key down while you connect the line to the figure. To temporarily disable stickiness, hold down the Option key (Note: if you have sticky lines disabled by default in the Curio preferences, then holding down the Option key will temporarily enable sticky lines).

When you start drawing a line by clicking on a figure, the origin of the line automatically snaps to the center of the figure until you've extended the line beyond the borders of the figure, at which point the origin snaps to the edge of the figure.

To read more about sticky lines, check out the "Sticky Lines" idea space in the Feature Tour project that comes with Curio.

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