Announcing Curio 3.2!

Yeppers! Another fine release of Curio for everyone chock full of nifty features. This is, of course, a free update for all current Curio 3.x users.

Let's discuss some of these features:
  1. The iPhoto Exporter is the bomb. Very slick. With just a couple of clicks one or all of your project's idea spaces are converted into images (scaled if you'd like) and added to an iPhoto album. Then what? Heck, you can sync it to your iPod for presentations on-the-go, photocast it to colleagues all around the world, or use iPhoto's slideshow mode with music to make your clients swoon.
  2. The idea space toolbar popup means you can instantly create a new idea space of any of our built-in paper styles (college-ruled? engineering? graph paper? your choice!). You can even click to create a new idea space with the same style info as your current idea space. This means the same grid, background color and image, etc. We also added a slew of new idea space backgrounds for your enjoyment!
  3. Support for Tiger's integrated text lists and tables. People will love this one! Tiger's text editor control introduced these features and now Curio has the internal changes required to handle them. Under the Format > Text menu you can easily create a numbered or enumerated list, or a quick text table with customizable rows and columns.
  4. The new Create Archive feature was so obvious that I'm embarrassed that it took us so long to add it. With this feature it's now incredibly easy to make a backup of your project, optionally with all aliased assets automatically embedded, and, optionally, the resulting project zipped up for your convenience.
  5. Next, I want to touch on some various speed improvements. We improved some internal logic when selecting and creating idea spaces to make that process a half second faster. We are now caching asset file information, such as file size and last modified date, which makes switching back to Curio from another app incredibly fast. Lastly, we are now resolving aliases a bit smarter. We used to ask the Mac to resolve aliases even if it meant attempting to auto-mount a server/volume which isn't available. This would even happen if you weren't even connected to the network. The result was a 60-second-per-asset delay when trying to use Curio. Yikes! Now we ask the Mac not to auto-mount, resolving only aliases that it can easily find.
There are lots of other features which I'll just quickly mention: Send to Front/Back toolbar buttons, "Share when copied" checkbox in the Extras inspector so you can make text figures which will all change when one is changed, much more robust saving of the all-important asset library, selecting a list and changing its font will change both the list items and the list enumerators, setting a rating for a figure will auto-show the rating as well, better handling of foreign characters in asset titles, and much more!!!!!!

Oh, we also added a very slick (IMHO) "What Can I Do With Curio" feature found under the Help menu. This is a cool slideshow showing sample projects created with Curio. You can also see an almost identical version here online.

Whew! That was a long posting. I hope everyone enjoys Curio 3.2 and please let us know what other goodies you'd like to see us add to future releases.

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