Curio is flying off the shelves

Wow! It's been pretty darn exciting around Zengobi headquarters for the past week and a half. Curio Pro licenses are flying off the digital shelves as we enter week 2 of our summer Gambler's sale. This week we've taken 35% off the regular pricing for Curio Professional edition, including all edition and version upgrades to Curio Pro.

Customers who took advantage of our free giveaway of Curio Basic at the beginning of August can enjoy double benefits by simply purchasing a Curio Basic to Pro upgrade. You get full credit for owning Curio Basic even though it was free. Think of all the added functionality you'll get at a low low price. Pretty neat, huh?

Also we're hard at work developing the new features for Curio 4 which we plan to release in the first quarter of 2007. Another benefit of buying Curio now (besides the obvious money saving one) is that you'll be able to upgrade to Curio 4 at our standard upgrade price.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback we've received! Now back to work.

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