Working, working, working...

Wow! Yeah, it's George. I apologize that it's been so long since my last posting. We've been swamped here implementing Curio 4 features. You're gonna love it! :-)

Some tidbits that are on my mind:
  • Peanut passed-away due to cancer about a month ago. We're still getting over it and I still tear up when I drive by the park we went to every day. Many of you out there have said hello and woof to Peanut over the years. Her presence will be sorely missed. We'll still feature her in our Feature Tour. Woof little Peanut!
  • How come no one told me that raising kids is tootin' hard work?!?! Okay, maybe I just ignored the advice. :-) Kat's great with just a bit of terrible-twos on occasion. And, at this stage, 5 month old Cooper is a little angel. But, sometimes, I think they know when to gang up on us and I suddenly feel about 10 years older.
  • Have I mentioned enough about Pinback? If you haven't heard any yet then run, don't walk, to iTunes and check them out! They even have some videos on YouTube.
  • The promotions we ran back in August and September were awesome. Not only did we attract a slew of new customers to the world of Curio (welcome!), but we were able to dive big time into scripting. We worked on AppleScripts to automate many aspects of our order processing via linkages to Mail, FileMaker, and our licensing app. I also got to get my feet wet with PHP programming to handle the request submissions and with PHP, cpan, and MIME::Lite to handle our emailings. It's absolutely amazing what you can put together in literally a day.
Well, I should get back to coding Curio 4. We can't talk about it too much yet but we'll post some teasers in the upcoming months. I assure you, you'll be quite happy with the changes! The plan is to release it in the first quarter of 2007.

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