My thoughts on sizzle vs. steak

I hope all of our U.S. customers (about 60% of our install base) had a great Thanksgiving. Here in Raleigh we've had absolutely perfect weather so it's been great to open up all the windows and spend a great deal of time outdoors with our families.

Over at Rogue Amoeba, Paul recently raised some interesting issues regarding Delicious apps. Basically asking if apps are sacrificing substance for style.

I think his follow-up is on the money: keep it balanced, and don't lean too heavily towards sizzle -- make sure there's some steak in there.

We're trying to do that with Curio 4 which is under heavy development. A few weeks ago I took a 2 day diversion and implemented appearance themes. Nothing too fancy but you'll be able to tweak the coloring we use throughout Curio including gradients used in some custom controls. It's now incredibly easy to create appearance theme files, share them with friends, and even send them to us.

Greg is now eager to do a Wolfpack Red theme. :-)

The point is that while I wouldn't want to devote weeks to this kind of project, I certainly advocate doing this type mini-project to add a touch of Deliciousness to Curio.

Don't worry: the vast majority of our time is being spent adding lots of "steak" to Curio. We'll drop some more hints in future postings.

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