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Quick post about a nifty service called Blurb. Blurb gives you a nifty app (Java-based I believe so somewhat chunky at times) so you can put together photo albums.

They have two cool features. The first, is the resulting hardcover book has a full color dust jacket with your photos on it so it looks quite professional. The second, is their pricing is simply amazing.

In my case, I threw together a book containing somewhere near 600 pictures of Kat and Cooper. The resulting 138 page book costs me just $40 and looks great.

To get started I simply created a photo album in iPhoto with my fave pics. Then I would create page in Blurb's BookSmart app, drag-and-drop one or more photos from iPhoto into the squares and proceed to the next page.

Then the whole thing is uploaded which takes a couple of hours.

The result looks fantastic -- perhaps a tiny tad dark but still very, very good -- and it's on archival paper, can sit nicely on a bookshelf, is filled with the best photos we have, is more convenient than firing up iPhoto to check out some pictures, and is obviously much better than a box of photos in the closet.

I realize I'm too late with this tip for the holidays. But definitely check them out for future occasions.

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