Curio 4 is on the way!

Today we're officially announcing the pending availability of Curio 4!

Curio 4 is packed with amazing features including:
  • Updated Customizable Interface with Integrated Shelf
  • Mind Mapping
  • Snippets
  • Figures as Tasks: Resources, Start/Due Dates, Priorities, Durations, and Completion Percentages
  • Search Shelf
  • Flashlight - a better Spotlight integrated within Curio
  • Global Tag Sets
  • OPML and Better OmniOutliner Support
  • Copy / Paste messages from Mail
  • Improved Sticky Lines with Connection Point Support
  • Copy Style / Paste Style
  • Presentation Mode Transitions
  • Customizable Inspector Color Tables
  • Improved Brush Tools
  • Improved List Rendering
Plus tons more. Tons and tons more. It's ├╝ber-packed with features.

The release is still a few weeks away but we wanted to make this announcement early and let everyone know that any Curio 3 Pro, Home, or K-12 purchases or upgrades made since May 1, 2007 will automatically receive a complimentary upgrade to Curio 4.

So, if you were thinking about buying Curio 3 Pro, Home, or K-12, then go ahead! You'll get Curio 4 for free when it comes out.

We haven't finalized pricing but we are anticipating a small price increase on new purchases and upgrades when Curio 4 is released.

We will be dropping the Curio Basic edition of the product. Current owners of Curio Basic will be able to upgrade to Curio 4 Home or Pro.

We're extremely excited about this release, so look forward to more details in upcoming blog postings!

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