A snippet about snippets

Sometimes when I'm off surfing the net, I come across a snippet of information, an image, or even a web address that I'd like to remember for later when I'm working on a particular project. It feels like a lot of trouble, and a big interruption in my workflow, for me to launch Curio, open the related project, find or create the perfect idea space for it, then drag and drop that snippet into the idea space. Wouldn't it be cool if I could just hit a hot-key and have Curio automatically store that snippet of information away for me? I think so, too!

Curio 4 comes with a new feature we call Snippets! It's a combination of a system service, PDF service, and a new asset repository that is easily accessible from within any Curio project. The service is available from any application via the Services menu and also a special hot-key (Shift-Command-X, assuming that doesn't conflict with a hot-key for the active application). You can also use the new PDF service to print from any application directly to a PDF stored in Curio's Snippets repository.

Later, when you're back in Curio working on a project, you can switch over to the Snippets shelf view and drag and drop the snippets intended for that project into any idea space or even directly into the Library for that project. We think you're going to love it!

Snippets, coming soon!

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