Mapping your mind with Curio 4

The big feature in Curio 4 — which is probably the most requested feature we've ever received — is mind mapping. In Curio 4, mind mapping is now integrated in with your idea space. Like a list figure, a mind map is simply another type of collection figure. It can contain any other type of figure including movies, images, songs, document assets, web links, and, of course, text.

These contained figures can have all the normal attributes such as flags and tags, plus some new goodies we're introducing in Curio 4 such as resources, start/due dates, durations, and priorities. Dates and completion percentages can even bubble up through the mind map hierarchy so you can see how your overall mind map is doing at a glance. Your idea space can have any number of mind maps, lists, and free-floating figures anywhere on the page. And, you can customize the style of your mind map to make it look anyway you want.

We're on target for a release in the next few days, so we thank you for your patience! In the meantime, here's a teaser mini-screenshot. :-)

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