Curio 3 and Leopard

Curio 3 supports Panther PowerPC and Tiger PowerPC/Intel. Supporting all of those combinations was surprisingly tricky thanks to some libraries that we're using. But, sadly, this same technique doesn't work under Leopard since a different library set is included there.

With Curio 4, released at the end of June, we were able to do a straightforward link to those libraries, without any hacks, which allows us to work on both Tiger and Leopard.

While we can't make Curio 3 support Panther, Tiger, and Leopard, we do listen to and respect our customers. You want Curio 3 on Leopard? You got it!

We have a preliminary build of Curio 3.2.3 in-house that should make it Tiger and Leopard compatible. Users still on Panther will have to stick with 3.2.2. There were no other changes made to the code other than those related to Leopard compatibility.

We need some time to do all of our testing but we expect to release Curio 3.2.3 as quickly as possible after Leopard's release. Stay tuned to this blog for details...

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