Getting excited about Leopard!

Okay. I have to admit I've felt a bit underwhelmed about Leopard the past few months.

But, after watching the guided tour and reading the huge list of 300 features I now feel that, while Leopard doesn't have any big feature I'm really jonesing (well, perhaps Time Machine), I am super-thrilled with a ton of the little features.

Things like Back to My Mac, stacks, smarter DVD player, iChat screen sharing, much improved iCal, Mail's forward multiple messages as attachment, Photo Booth burst mode & backdrops, all the new security features, Spotlight searching across multiple Macs, iLife media browser in all Open panels, scrolling non-active windows, system-wide grammar checker, tabbed Terminal, all the Xcode 3 features, plus....

Heck, I think I'm excited about most of these 300 "little" features! Is it Friday yet? :-)

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