Announcing Curio 4.1

Greetings world!

We're thrilled to release Curio 4.1 with lots of cool features and fixes, such as:
  • Leopard QuickLook plugin for cool Finder CoverFlow thumbnails and instant previews!
  • List titles!!! (One of our most popular requests!)
  • Instant screen snapshots!
  • Integration with our Curio Community Center!
  • Plus tons of other goodies!
Wait a sec... Curio Community Center?

Yes, you can now very easily customize and share your mind map, list, and notepaper styles, your dossier templates, your Sleuth sites, and your appearance UI themes.

Definitely check it out as we're very excited about this new sharing center. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

We have also opened the doors on our new Zengobi Forums, so you can discuss how you use Curio with other Curio customers. Perhaps you're a Creative, a Left Brainiac, or experiencing the joys of Campus Life, there's a community waiting for you to join.

And, as promised, we have released a minor update to Curio 3 so it runs on Leopard (although to do so sacrificed supporting Panther). Click a Pro, Home, K-12, or Basic link to download your appropriate update.


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