Greg and I both got new iMacs (24", 2.8GHz) late Friday. They came with Leopard "drop-in" discs so we had to upgrade them from Tiger ourselves. That part went fine.

But, for both of us, the Firewire migration from our old machines died. As in the iMacs just froze midway through the transfer. Fortunately, Greg's worked the second time but, sadly, mine still failed.

So, I had the fun of manually copying all the various directories from old to new via network. Gigabit is fast but it still took overnight to get everything over (while I slept, fortunately).

Anyway, we're loving the new machines. The LCD display is stunning. And Leopard is amazing. I'm having the best time with a bazillion of its features. While I had earlier doubts, I think Quick Look and Cover Flow are darn slick in the Finder. Spaces is wicked awesome to move apps onto their own "screen" and easily switch between them with Alt-Tab. And, the new photos mosaic screensaver is jaw-dropping. Even Front Row is fun to play with. Overall I give it 5 stars and well worth the upgrade from Tiger. Yes, even though migration assistant barfed the big one for me. Ah, c'est la vie.

Speaking of which, the Curio 3.2.3 release (aka Curio 3 for Leopard) is done but we're still doing some testing. And, we're readying a Curio 4.1 release with lots of nifty goodies that I'm sure you'll all enjoy. :-)

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