Curio 5.1

We just released Curio 5.1 with some yummy goodies that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

The big features:
- Project encryption for Pro users.
- Mega-├╝ber-super huge Spread PDF speed-up. A 700 page PDF now takes 12 seconds to spread.
- Date calendar popup for the date controls.
- Header and footers when printing with idea space name and number.
- Presentation Mode now supports the Apple Remote and multi-touch gestures.

A subtle feature that I'm personally thrilled to get working: Hyperlinks within a text figure now appear as links (aka blue text with underlines) even when not being edited.

And a bunch of other little fixes and features.

Curio 5.1 is a free upgrade for existing Curio 5 customers so go grab it! :-)

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