Sighting: Best Mind Mapper

I just received an email regarding a recent LifeHacker post where they are discussing the best mind mapping application. I was happy to see that Curio is mentioned a view times in the comments.

If you want to give a shout-out for our little app then we'd certainly appreciate it! To vote for Curio your comment entry on LifeHacker must be "VOTE: Zengobi Curio".

Admittedly some of Curio's mind mapping functionality pales in comparison to some of the ├╝ber feature-rich mind mappers out there. However, I think one concept that makes Curio unique is the ability to have multiple mind maps, plus outlines, plus notes and image collages, all on the same idea space. It's that freeform whiteboard environment that makes Curio pretty amazing, IMHO. And, of course, we do have some new cool mind mapping features planned for upcoming releases. :-)

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