Curio 6 preview: figure stencils!

Time for another Curio 6 teaser: figure stencils!

Figure stencils allow you to easily create, re-use, and share frequently used figures and grouped figures.

It's perfect for boilerplate text items, or mind map, list or table templates, or various types of lines and arrow styles, or geographic maps, or floor plans, or garden plans, or UI prototypes, etc.

Just drag an idea space containing your stencils into the new Stencils shelf and, poof, the contents are snarfed up and stored in the Stencils repository where they are accessible to any project.

You can drag all the elements from a stencil to your idea space or double-click on the stencil to drill-down and find a specific individual stencil element.

Stencils can be organized into one or more custom collections so you can add a stencil to your Favorites, School, and Latest Project collections.

Like Idea Space Templates, Figure Stencils is a Curio Pro-only feature so there's another good reason to upgrade to Pro if you haven't already.

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming Curio 6 release!

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