Curio 6 preview: search enhancements

I thought I'd mix up some big features, like tables, with some of the smaller enhancements we've added to Curio 6.

So, here an example refinement new to Curio 6:
If you use the Search shelf to search for some text that starts with a pound sign (#) then we'll look for the word as a tag. Thus, searching for #legal will do a search for a tag named legal. Note that normally text searching for just legal would return any results which contain that word in the figure's text, asset contents, notes, and tag. Thus, prefacing it with a pound sign is a fast shortcut to choosing it from the Search shelf's Tags list since it will only return an exact tag match.
Nice power-user feature, but let's go a bit further:
The Curio Spotlight importer has been updated to include any used tags and #tags with a project's scanned metadata. This means if the tag legal was used in a project then legal and #legal will be in the resulting Spotlight metadata for that Curio project.
So let's bring this home:
All of those changes means that if you use Spotlight to search for #legal, you'll see all projects that use the Curio tag legal, and if you then choose one of those projects from Spotlight's results list, Curio will launch and open that project and automatically do a search for the specific tag named legal.
Cool, huh?

This is great, personally speaking, because if I use Spotlight to search my machine for legal, I end up with way too many results. So, by using Spotlight to search for #legal, I can find only those places where I'm using the Curio tag called legal.

To take this a step further, one could use the Finder's Get Info Spotlight Comments area to add these kind of hashtags (to use Twitter's lingo). So I can add #legal to some of my non-Curio documents as a Spotlight Comment and they'll show up in Spotlight's results as well. For the ├╝ber-organized, this is a pretty nifty way to go.

More Curio 6 teasers soon.... :-)

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