Curio 6.1 index cards video tutorial

Curio 6.1 with index cards has been released! And here's a quick video tutorial showing it in action:

An additional note is that if you select one or more index cards and copy them to the clipboard, or choose File > Export Selected Figures As > Text, you'll get a nice text output of all your notes which is great for importing into other applications.

Curio 6.1 includes another big feature for many of our customers: a new Decoration image well on the Flags inspector panel. Just drag-and-drop an image into that image well and it will appear as an adornment next to all your other figure flags. This makes it super-easy to quickly associate an image with another figure without needing to create a new custom flag via Curio > Preferences > Flags.

The key difference between a custom flag and a decoration? Custom flags are searchable in the Search shelf while a decoration is, er, simply a decoration. So definitely keep that in mind.

Anyway, Curio 6.1 has lots of other goodies (color pickers show the currently selected color, exported pngs/tiffs are transparent, smarter table cell pasting, tons of nasty bug fixes, etc) so please read the release notes to get all the nitty-gritty.

More features are coming so definitely stay tuned to our blog for the latest news. :-)

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