Curio 6.2's coming 'round the mountain

I'm excited to announce that Curio 6.2 will be released pretty soon and is available as a preview right now.

What's new? Curved and orthogonal multipoint lines? Check. A faster way of creating new multipoint lines? Check. A slew of index card enhancements? Check.

Not enough for you? Oh, fine. How about a bunch of zapped bugs? Figure styles resetting in tables & index cards? Zapped. Fuzzy table lines? Zapped. Slow mind map rendering while editing? Zapped. Bunch of other little creepy crawly bugs? Zapped.

Read about all the goodies in the Curio 6.2 release notes. Then give it a whirl by downloading the preview releases of Curio 6.2 Professional or Curio 6.2 Standard.

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