Sighting: Macworld!

Macworld just posted a nice review of Curio 6.2. I love the intro:
If Zengobi’s Curio Professional 6.2 had a television commercial, I suspect it would be in the style of the late Billy Mays.
Yes, Curio sure can do lots of stuff... and more! :-)

In general they loved the functionality although the number of ways we have for storing templated data is justly criticized. That's an area I'm eager to tackle as well.

I added a comment to their review as follows:
Thanks Macworld for the review of Curio! We definitely plan to consolidate some of our template mechanisms (figure stencils, idea space templates, scrapbook, Evernote) in a future release to make it less confusing.

You can create lists (or mind maps) from standard OPML files simply by drag and dropping them into Curio. You can also paste a carriage-return separated and tab-indented string from the clipboard as a list by choosing Edit > Paste As > List.

Likewise, you can create tables by drag and dropping a CSV file into the idea space.

Yes, pressure-sensitive scribbles remain on a top "onion-skin" layer over all figures. However, you can select a region and choose Edit > Convert Selection to Image Figure and it will act just like a normal image figure within Curio.

Thanks again for the wonderful write-up!

George (founder, Zengobi)
And I thought it was awesome that they noted the new index card feature since that was a community effort in our forums. Cheers to everyone for the review!

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