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Regarding the Apple Software Downloads page there are reports such as this:
The most recent app listed under "Recently Added" is March 26th, and we've been told that developers who have sent in apps have not gotten any response.
The Apple Software Downloads page has been an excellent source of visitors for many small Mac companies like Zengobi.

Some theorized that Mac developers will be getting an App Store?
Many Apple Mac developers have been pondering whether Apple would ever convert the Apple Downloads library from its current format into one more resembling an app store.
There are some pros and cons about this idea but it is certainly intriguing as long as we can still sell software directly to Mac users, as well.

An enterprising developer decided to ask Mr. Jobs himself if we're getting an App Store:
Well, that's settles that issue. Perhaps grand changes will be coming to the Apple Downloads library soon. Perhaps we'll hear about them at WWDC, the big Mac developer conference?

WWDC10 - The center of the app universe
Er. I'm sure they mean Mac app, right?

Gruber sums it up nicely:
Looking at the session list, one could argue that this year’s WWDC is an iPhone OS developers conference, not an Apple developers conference.
But, of course Macs will still be showcased at the coveted Apple Design Awards, right?
An application must currently be available on the App Store to be nominated and to receive an Apple Design Award.

Admittedly Apple is certainly no longer just a computer company anymore. While sales of Macs have been fantastic and hitting record levels, they just can't compete with the iPhone universe.

Reminds me of a story I read recently. A father was telling his young son that he was going to buy a new computer for the family. This time an Apple computer. The son's response? "Oh, wow! Apple makes computers, too?"

I still think of Apple as that cool computer company that made my old 128k Mac. The one I learned C on. The laid-back, anti-establishment, anti-monopoly company.

The times they are a-changin'.

I still think Apple's products are hip and genius. I'm completely dependent upon my iPhone. I'm eagerly awaiting my 3G iPad. And, of course, I love my Macs.

It's not fun to watch an Apple die-hard like Jon Stewart rip into Apple but hopefully Apple won't completely forget how it moved from underdog to superpower and what caused Microsoft to fall in the opposite direction.

I'm crossing my fingers that WWDC11 will be where 10.7 shines upon the world and the Mac faithful have a chance to rejoice again. :-)

Update: Well what do you know? It looks like Apple is now updating the Downloads page for the first time since March! Could it be they follow this humble blog?

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