Season's Greetings!

Just in time for the holidays Zengobi is happy to release Curio 7.2 with more features and fixes.

Curio 7.1 introduced basic MMAP import support. Well, it turns out it was a huge hit! Start your mind map with iThoughtsHD or MindMeister on iOS then bring it into Curio via MMAP to continue working on it.

So, for Curio 7.2, we made it even better with new support for MMAP flags, checkmarks, percent complete, priority, start/due dates, and durations.

And, not only can you import MMAP files into Curio but you can now export your Curio lists and mind maps as MMAP files as well.

What else is in 7.2? A nifty new shadow setting particularly useful for level styles in lists and mind maps. New shortcuts for showing and toggling checkboxes. Plus quick techniques to expand/collapse all.

And a bunch of fixes and tweaks for some of the more problematic issues that have cropped up.

Read the release notes to get the full scoop!

Happy holidays!!!!

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