Creating mind map posters

A customer recently asked about tiling a huge Curio mind map onto multiple pages to create a giant wall poster for the conference room. He then stumbled across this free, handy utility: Mindcad Tiler.

The basic idea is to do this:
  1. Select the mind map figure in Curio.
  2. Choose File > Export Selected Figures As > PDF and enter a file name.
  3. Launch Tiler and open that PDF.
  4. In Tiler, choose the number of pages horizontally and vertically to scale your PDF across.
  5. Print.
Then stitch the individual sheets together with tape or glue to create your poster or banner. Very slick!

If you need something a bit more professional looking: local or Internet print shops should be able to produce a large-format poster given a PDF, as well.

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