Zengobi: Education + Innovation

I had a wonderful lunch yesterday with a couple of good friends: Steve Peha from Teaching That Makes Sense (web, twitter) and Margot Carmichael Lester from The Word Factory (web, twitter).

We talked about innovation and technology in K-12 schools; a topic very near and dear to me for quite a few reasons.

First, I've always had a strong interest in schools and education. I loved being a student. I loved acquiring knowledge. I loved working with smart peers and inspirational instructors.

Second, since forming Zengobi I've always wanted to encourage Curio's use in the K-12 community. Why? Because it's a totally awesome environment to collect ideas, brainstorm, take notes, and organize everything. This dream has culminated in Zengobi's new incredible, low-cost annual site license plan for domestic and international K-12 schools.

Last, not to sound too sappy, but I've got kids. I want them to love going to school as much as I did. I want schools to be an exiting, fun, innovative environment where my kids (all kids!) can thrive.

My talks with Steve and Margot will certainly be an ongoing occurrence as I get hooked into the politics and mechanisms of education. Expect more posts in the future as I acquire and share this new knowledge with all of you. :-)

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