Nifty date stamped note stencil

A customer wrote earlier today asking how he can create a text figure that included an automatic date and time stamp as the first line.

I thought the solution was pretty slick so I'm posting it here for everyone to enjoy.

1. Create a new text figure by double-clicking on the idea space.
2. From the main menu choose Insert > Variable > Figure Date Added > Medium Format.
3. Press spacebar.
4. From the main menu choose Insert > Variable > Figure Time Added > Medium Format.
5. Press return.
6. Type "This is a note."
7. The resulting text figure should look like this:

{%FigureDateAddedMedium} {%FigureTimeAddedMedium}

This is a note.

8. Hit Escape to stop editing the text figure. Note that variables are now rendered with the date and time the figure was added to your idea space.
9. Right click on the text figure and choose Save As Basic Figure Stencil and give it a name like "Date Stamped Note".

Now, whenever you want to add a date-stamped note to Curio just click the Insert toolbar button, then click Styled Shape or Stencil, then choose your nifty new stencil in the Personal > Stencils category.

The date and time within the note will automatically update itself to the actual date and time the note was added to your project.

Of course you can use these nifty date and time variables with any sort of figure in Curio. If you want a date-stamped index card or list, just insert the variables in there and save the result as a figure stencil.

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