Curio 8.2

Curio 8.2 was just released with lots of new features and tweaks for everyone to enjoy.

One of the big new features is integration. So now you can browse one of the largest mind map repositories on the net within Curio and instantly download and import mind map templates directly to your idea space.

Another feature, at long last, is support for line figure text labels. Just double-click on a line to create one or more text figures that are stuck to the line itself. You can slide a text figure up and down along the line using the mouse or the arrow keys to reposition it. To remove a text figure simply select it and press the Delete key.

There are many other enhancements and fixes, including an urgent fix related to the Move to Back/Front arrange slider, so I encourage you to read all the details here in our Curio 8.2 release notes.

Curio will automatically alert you that the new update is available. Or choose the Curio > Check for Updates menu item to grab it now.

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