Curio 8.3

True, it hasn't been that long since 8.2 but I've been coding like crazy and there are some great new features in this release that I couldn't wait to get out the door.
  1. Now you can drag any document into the Organizer and we'll use Quick Look's viewer for any files where we can't use an RTF, WebView, or PDFView. This is a great new feature as you can add iWork documents directly into the Organizer and fully browse their contents all from within Curio.
  2. The Organizer Filter text search will now look into Organizer document contents instead of just at the document titles. Wicked cool.
  3. The ever popular Spread PDF feature is now even more useful. Read the release notes for the full details.
  4. You'll love this one: when you use the Search shelf to search for text that appears in a spread PDF'ed document, Curio will now only highlight those figures which show the pages that the term appears instead of all of the pages of the PDF. Students around the world, rejoice!
  5. Bookmarks have been improved.
  6. Double-tap (aka Smart Zoom) support to quickly show you all your current figures.
  7. New Scribble detachable popover color palette for easier sketching.
  8. The Status shelf now has a splitter so you can change the size of the Projects vs. Tasks area.
  9. Line labels are now easier to position using the arrow keys.
  10. New sort by alias option in the project Library.
  11. Lastly, an export image change where each exported file now has a sequential numerical prefix that keeps all exported files in the same order as they appear in the Organizer.
You can read all the details here in our Curio 8.3 release notes. This really is a pretty nifty release. :-)

Curio will automatically alert you that the new update is available. Or choose the Curio > Check for Updates menu item to grab it now.

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