Curio 8 and Evernote Business

Curio 8's integrated Evernote shelf works wonderfully with Evernote free and premium accounts. We've heard from many customers that it's one of the biggest features they love about Curio and is incredibly useful for accessing notes collected while on-the-run with Evernote's various mobile clients.

However, Curio 8 does not currently work with Evernote's new Evernote Business, which was announced in December.

A user with an Evernote Business account essentially has two note stores accessible via the same login: a personal store of notebooks and notes, and a business store of shared notebooks and notes. Currently Curio 8 will only show those items in your personal store.

There are a number of additional code changes we would need to make to support Evernote Business accounts including separately authenticating the user with their business store and separately retrieving their business notebooks.

More importantly, while your personal authentication is valid for 1 year, the business authentication automatically expires after just 1 hour which means you would need to be re-authenticated pretty frequently.

From a security and privacy standpoint, allowing a 3rd party app to access a corporation's shared Evernote Business repository also raises some issues and concerns.

While I investigate this further, please continue to use Curio's Evernote shelf to access all your normal Evernote notes but use Evernote's native clients to access your Evernote Business notes.

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