Zengobi's 2013 and beyond!

2013 was an amazing year!

Curio 8 was a mega-huge hit and our most successful upgrade ever. The emails from everyone around the world have been wonderful. Thank you for your feedback, letters of encouragement, and for spreading the word. It sincerely means a lot.

Curio 8 also appears to be one of our most stable releases. Very, very few Support emails which means more time for coding Curio 9. :-)

Speaking of Curio 9, I've received quite a few emails asking about its progress. It's looking really good but it is still several months out as there are a number of big features I'm eager to add so that Curio remains the best app for brainstorming and note-taking.

I hope everyone had a great 2013 and a very happy holiday season. Northern hemisphere: stay warm and cozy! Southern: stay cool on the beach!

Here's to everyone for an even more incredible 2014!

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