Mac's 30th birthday and Dropbox

Couple of notes this morning.

First, Happy Birthday to the Mac which turns 30 today. I vividly remember the rollout of the original 128k Mac. As a teenager, I eagerly collected magazines and any information I could on this new, amazing machine. I worked over the summer to save up money to purchase my first Mac the following spring.  I love how 30 years later I'm making my living creating Mac software.

Watch this new video from Apple to learn more about how the Mac revolution got started.

Next, I noticed that Dropbox is currently on version 2.6.2. Hovering my mouse over the Dropbox icon in my menu bar I see I'm still on 2.4.11 so their auto-update routine leaves much to be desired. Many of our customers use Dropbox to sync their Curio projects so, if you find you're still running an out-of-date version of Dropbox, I encourage you to manually download and install the latest release.

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