Curio 9 is here!

I'm proud to announce the release of Curio 9!

This is an absolutely huge release with dozens and dozens of new features. At almost 33 printed pages, the detailed release notes qualify Curio 9 as our biggest release, ever. ;-)

Let's start with the basics. Internally Curio 9's code has been scrubbed and polished for Mavericks and Yosemite compatibility. Externally, Curio 9's new user interface looks great on Mavericks and even more fantastic on Yosemite. The Curio 9 interface now closely follows the look-and-feel of Apple's long-awaited major update to Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, and is a perfect complement to that suite of apps.

Plus, by popular demand, two big changes:
  1. The toolbar is back on top and is customizable once again.
  2. The inspector shelf is back with most popular inspector panels.
How about new features? Oh, yes, there are plenty.

Curio 9 now supports photo album collections, pinboard collections, image captions, text figure file attachments, 36 new flowcharting shapes, new shape clipping options, lots of meta enhancements, new top-down and bottom-up mind map arrangements, iThoughts file compatibility, tons of Status shelf enhancements, an incredible new PDF mirroring feature, project lock files for better Dropbox collaborations, a vastly modernized HTML export, plus much, much more!

Check out the new website and read through the release notes. You're going to love the new Curio 9!

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