New website, too!

In addition to our brand new Curio 9 release you'll also notice we have a brand new website!

It has been completely rewritten to be "responsive", meaning that it adapts itself to the viewer's screen on-the-fly. Therefore looking natural when viewing on a large desktop or laptop screen, a smaller tablet screen, or an even smaller phone screen. Mobile users no longer have to pinch and zoom around to view the website. Ironically the styles and html behind this change actually made the website more manageable, so everyone wins. :-)

In addition, the main Curio page now includes several slideshows demonstrating what you can do with Curio separated into five key use cases: note-taking, brainstorming, flowcharting & sketching, task tracking, and PDF annotation. These groupings accurately reflect how we position Curio in the market and how our customers actually use the product. In essence, it demonstrates that Curio is much more than just a note-taking product or a mind mapping product. It's this integrated collection of functionality in a clean, intuitive interface that makes Curio so powerful and unique.

As noted earlier, we have also rolled out a brand new Zengobi Forums powered by Discourse. Many of the brilliant programmers behind StackExchange are behind Discourse and this is reflected in its features and usability, including mobile platform compatibility. This should make it much easier for everyone to participate in discussions regarding existing and requested features and improvements. I'd also love to see more topics where customers discuss how they use Curio in their day-to-day activities.

Feel free to tweet or send us an email if you have any comments or feedback regarding the new website. Enjoy!

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