Yosemite update

Apple has done an astounding job on these Yosemite betas! Several core issues which prevented older versions of Curio from running correctly have been fixed by Apple on subsequent beta releases.

That said, the current Curio 8.6.3 build does not run correctly on the latest Yosemite beta release. While we don't normally backtrack to patch older Curio releases, we have investigated the few remaining issues and and are preparing an 8.6.4 release which specifically patches these issues. Note that only the core issues preventing Curio 8 from running have been addressed; no other new features or functionality will be in 8.6.4.

For maximum compatibility we encourage customers to upgrade to Curio 9, as it has been thoroughly updated to support Yosemite by dropping deprecated calls and has an updated user interface which looks fantastic in the new environment.

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