Curio, Yosemite, and OS X updates

Apple has released the first Yosemite GM (golden master) candidate which means it's official final release is coming in the next few weeks.

Curio 9, of course, works wonderfully on the Yosemite GM as we've kept it up-to-date throughout the Yosemite Beta period with frequent tweaks and fixes. Curio 9 requires either Mavericks or Yosemite at a minimum and has an updated interface which looks absolutely fantastic with Yosemite's new design.

For those still on Curio 8, this morning we released Curio 8.6.4 which brings a bunch of Yosemite compatibility fixes to those customers as well. Make sure you update your Curio 8 before upgrading to Yosemite as the older Curio 8 releases won't launch correctly under Yosemite. The update check should happen automatically but you can use the Curio > Check for Updates menu to force a check. If you've already upgraded to Yosemite you can download and install the latest release of Curio 8 manually.

On a related note, the other day I was checking out The Omni Group's very handy Update Statistics chart. If you haven't done so visit the site and click on the Major Version link under the Overall heading.

A shocking 80% of their overall install base is already on Mavericks, almost exactly one year after Mavericks was released to the public. Not that long ago, it would have taken several years before even 50% of an install base was on the latest OS X release, so this is incredibly interesting news.

Obviously this is in large part thanks to Apple making these OS X releases free. But it also shows that customers are more willing to keep up with OS X releases, much as they are in keeping up with iOS releases.

This is wonderful news for us devs, as it means we can take advantage of newer OS features more quickly in our own products. Although it also means more work for us trying to keep up with Apple. ;-)

These are very exciting times!

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