Curio Express and Curio Reader

I'm thrilled to announce two new apps in the Curio family, available only from the Apple Mac App Store.

As everyone knows, Curio is our premier note taking, mind mapping, brainstorming, and task management application for Mac OS X used by thousands of customers around the world. These customers create incredibly rich notebooks filled with notes, brainstorms, tasks, and much, much more.

However, we realize that not everyone wants to create a notebook of ideas, and they don't want yet another mind mapping, flowcharting, or outlining app. What they want is Curio's intuitive, tightly integrated, freeform idea space for use as the ultimate brainstorming "whiteboard".

Curio Express

So, with that in mind, we proudly introduce Curio Express.

Within a Curio Express document, you have a single, spacious freeform idea space where you can use Curio's incredible features including mind maps, outlines, tables, index cards, image collages, tasks, video recording, Sleuth, and so much more. This gives you an environment which is richer, more integrated, and much more powerful than a simple, single-purpose app.

Curio Express can also open, in a read-only mode, project notebooks containing multiple idea spaces created using the flagship Curio product. You can even use the built-in presentation mode to view notebooks as a slideshow.

In short, if you want an amazing, world-class brainstorming environment, choose Curio Express. If you want to super-size that functionality and create notebooks filled with brainstorms, research, and notes then choose Curio.

Learn more about Curio Express and check out our technical document regarding certain App Store-related limitations imposed on sandboxed versions of Curio.

Curio Express can be purchased at a limited-time launch price of just US$39.99 only from the Apple Mac App Store. Please note that Curio Express requires OS X Yosemite.

Curio Reader

Next, we realized that Curio customers were creating project notebooks that they wanted to share with colleagues who perhaps didn't already own Curio. Thus, they were limited to sharing HTML, PDF, or image exports of their notebooks where the results were not as rich or as interactive as within the Curio environment.

We're solving that with Curio Reader, a free app available for download only from the Apple Mac App Store. Curio Reader requires OS X Yosemite.

With Curio Reader, colleagues and friends that don't own the full Curio product can view existing Curio projects. Curio Reader offers a simplified, read-only environment, where users can browse projects with full support for searching, printing, mailing, exporting, and presenting as a slideshow.

Learn more about Curio Reader and check out our technical document regarding certain App Store-related limitations imposed on sandboxed versions of Curio.

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