Curio and El Capitan

The next version of Apple's OS X, El Capitan (aka 10.11), is available for beta download before its official release this fall.

Unlike more recent OS X major releases, this release appears to trend towards fixes, performance, and robustness versus introducing major new features (à la Snow Leopard over Leopard and Mountain Lion over Lion).

We have a few customers running Curio 9 full time with El Capitan and no issues have been reported, nor have we noticed issues here.

However, it should be emphasized that El Capitan is indeed a beta release. You will experience OS  X bugs and crashes. It should not be installed on your primary machine or used with important data. The El Capitan codebase will change many times before its fall release as improvements and fixes are made.

If you decide to install the beta, preferably on a second machine with copies of your Curio project data, please let us know if you experience any issues with Curio.

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