Happy 2016!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is safe, warm, and well.

Last October began Zengobi's 14th year in operation! It's amazing that Curio has been so well received and I truly appreciate everyone's support, feedback, and comments.

I'm currently working on a fantastic huge update to our free Curiota app available at the Mac App Store. Hopefully I'll get that wrapped up very soon.

I've submitted updates to Curio Express and Reader... just waiting for Apple to give them the okay.

Time for another periodic reminder: please keep backups of all important data! A customer wrote just the other day who had a catastrophic hardware issue that resulted in data loss. I personally keep a Time Machine backup (to an OWC external drive), a Carbon Copy Cloner full drive nightly backup (to another OWC external drive), and a BackBlaze off-site backup. The Time Machine backup has come in handy numerous times. I've fortunately never needed either the CCC or BB backup, but I sleep better knowing they're there. All are relatively inexpensive especially compared to potential loss of data.

Back to coding!

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