Curio subscriptions at the Mac App Store

At long last, our full-featured Curio application is now available at the Mac App Store!

While we still have Curio available with a traditional license from the Zengobi website, Curio from the Mac App Store will only be available as a monthly or yearly subscription. We're incredibly excited to finally offer customers both traditional licenses and subscription plans, to best suit their specific needs.

Using the Mac App Store app, Curio can be installed and used for free without a subscription in a read-only mode to view, export, and print existing projects, including the bundled Welcome to Curio project which automatically opens on first launch and provides a guided tour, complete user documentation, and sample gallery. (This is also a fast and easy way for colleagues to install Curio if you'd like to share projects with them!)

When you're ready to learn more, start a 2 week free trial by subscribing to a Professional or Standard monthly or yearly plan from within Curio, which instantly unlocks the purchased features. A Professional subscription is US$6.99/month or US$69.99/year; a Standard subscription is US$4.99/month or US$49.99/year. Localized prices available when subscribing.

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period you won't be charged for using Curio, otherwise your Apple ID account will be charged, and the subscription will automatically renew at the specified rate.

All future minor updates and major upgrades are included and will be installed behind the scenes automatically and securely by macOS.

If you cancel your subscription then its auto-renewal is disabled, but you still have access to the plan features until its expiration date. After expiration, Curio will revert back into a read-only mode. You would need to re-subscribe, even if just for a brief period, to modify projects again.

Some customers may prefer traditional licenses and upgrades, others may prefer monthly or yearly subscriptions. With this new offering at the Mac App Store we allow customers to choose which product works best for them.

Many more details including all the pros and cons of subscriptions, differences in the traditional and Mac App Store products, how trials work, how to manage your subscription, and much more can be found in a very extensive Frequently Asked Questions here.

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